Equitable Growth comments to the Federal Trade Commission on the agency’s proposed competition hearings

This summer, the Federal Trade Commission announced it would hold a series of hearings throughout the fall and winter on “whether broad-based changes in the economy, evolving business practices, new technologies, or international developments might require adjustments to competition and consumer protection enforcement law, enforcement priorities, and policy.” The hearings will cover 11 broad topics and asked for comments on those topics and the hearings in general.

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth submitted comments identifying three overarching questions the hearings should address related to competition policy:

  • Is monopoly power prevalent in the U.S. economy?
  • Do the antitrust laws as applied by the courts correctly balance the benefits and costs of deterring anticompetitive conduct and permitting procompetitive conduct?
  • Does the Federal Trade Commission have the resources it needs to fulfill its competition mission?

The complete comment submitted to the Federal Trade Commission can be downloaded below.

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Comments for FTC Hearings from Equitable Growth

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August 20, 2018


Antitrust Enforcement

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