Afternoon Must-Read: Giles Wilkes: Radical Rage at the Resilience of the Right

Giles Wilkes: Radical Rage at the Resilience of the Right: “Tariq Ali… if read as an examination of the frustrations of the radical left, The Extreme Centre is informative…

…[For] it is the ideas of the right that have prevailed…. This book does a better job of describing Ali’s sadness at the failure of the left than expanding on why. The closest thing to a consistent explanation is human corruptibility before the temptations of money. But the book never explains why perennially incompetent capitalists always have enough of the folding stuff to keep the system going…. The other consistent theme is admiration for the Bolivarian heroes of South America… each of [whom] needed a tide of oil and gas to stay afloat…

March 1, 2015

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