About This Event

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth hosted a conversation on exploring the impacts of antitrust enforcement and increasing market concentration on economic growth and inequality.

Prominent academics and practitioners highlighted the changes in antitrust policy over the past 40 years and examine areas in need of further research moving forward. Following the panel discussion, Commissioner Terrell McSweeny of the Federal Trade Commission delivered keynote remarks.

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Watch the keynote remarks below:

Full videos of the event:

Opening remarks

Heather Boushey, Executive Director, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Panel on “Antitrust in 2016” 

Moderator:  Diane Bartz, antitrust reporter, Reuters


  • John E. Kwoka, Neal F. Finnegan Distinguished Professor at Northeastern University
  • Barry Lynn, Director of the Open Markets program at New America Foundation
  • Fiona Scott Morton, Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics at the Yale University School of Management

Panel on “Economics of Antitrust”

Moderator: Heather Boushey, Executive Director, Washington Center for Equitable Growth


  • Jonathan Baker, Professor of Law at American University
  • Martin Gaynor, E.J. Barone Professor of Economics and Health Policy at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Marc Jarsulic, Vice President of Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress

Keynote Remarks

Commissioner Terrell McSweeny, Federal Trade Commission