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Watch full video of Equitable Growth 2014 Conference here.

Join the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, prominent academic leaders, and public policymakers for our 2014 conference: “Building a Strong Foundation: Understanding Whether and How Economic Inequality Affects Economic Growth.” The conference brings together top experts to debate and discuss the latest research related to economic inequality and economic growth and the implications for the U.S. workforce and future U.S. economic competitiveness.

The event will conclude with a rare opportunity to hear prominent intellectuals from across the political spectrum come together to discuss and debate the implications for the United States of Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”




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Featured speakers include:

Heather Boushey, Executive Director and Chief Economist, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Marianne Cooper, Sociologist, Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Brad Delong, Professor of Economics, U.C. Berkeley, research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research

Ann O’Leary, Vice President & Director, Children & Families Program, Next Generation

Emmanuel Saez, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Equitable Growth, University of California, Berkeley

Robert Solow, Institute Professor of Economics emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Check out the agenda and the full list of speakers here.


FHI 360, Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States