Title Author Date
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Post-racial rhetoric, racial health disparities, and health disparity consequences of stigma, stress, and racism Hamilton
Wealth distribution and social mobility in the US: A quantitative approach Benhabib, Bisin, Luo
Skewed wealth distributions: Theory and empirics Benhabib & Bisin
What explains the rising share of U.S. men in registered nursing? Munnich & Wozniak
Employment hysteresis from the great recession Yagan
Inequality of educational opportunity? Schools as mediators of the intergenerational transmission of income Rothstein
Targeted debt relief and the origins of financial distress: Experimental evidence from distressed credit card borrowers Dobbie & Song
Roadmap to a unified measure of housing insecurity Cox, Henwood, Rodnyansky, Wenzel, Rice
“Them old guys… they knew what to do”: Examining the impact of industry collapse on two tribal reservations George
How do credit supply shocks affect the real economy? Evidence from the United States in the 1980s Mian, Sufi, Verner
The evolution of state-local balance sheets in the US, 1953-2013 Mason, Jayadev, Page-Hoongrajok
Reducing inequality through dynamic complementarity: Evidence from Head Start and public school spending Johnson & Jackson
Up from slavery? African American intergenerational economic mobility since 1880 Collins & Wanamaker
The U-shape of over-education? Human capital dynamics & occupational mobility over the life cycle Farooq
Macroeconomic revolution on shaky grounds: Lucas/Sargent critique’s inherent contradictions Schettkat & Jovicic
Bad credit, no problem? Credit and labor market consequences of bad credit reports Dobbie, Goldsmith-Pinkham, Mahoney, Song