Title Author Date
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Nothing left to lose? Changes experienced by Detroit low- and moderate-income households during the Great Recession Barr & Schaffa
Working paper: Credible research designs for minimum wage studies Allegretto, Dube, Reich, Zipperer
Keeping workers off the ballot: Electoral gatekeepers and the shortage of candidates from the working class Carnes
Political issues, evidence, and citizen engagement: The case of unequal access to affordable health Krupnikov & Levine
The power of economic interests and the congressional economic policy agenda Enns, Kelly, Morgan, Witko
The rise of inequality, partisan politics, and changes to federal tax progressivity Faricy
Learning where we stand: How school experiences matter for civic marginalization and political inequality Bruch & Soss
What’s the right minimum wage? Reframing the debate from ‘no job loss’ to a ‘minimum living wage’ Howell, Fiedler, Luce
Immigration economics: A review Card & Peri